Monday, January 23, 2017

February 24 weekend in Lake Geneva -- FREE??

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The registration is only $30 until January 31!! 
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Board and table top games have changed!!

I just discovered this fabulous and fun past time very recently and I love it!  It's a far cry from monopoly and scattergories!  Being swept up into a whole new world with these new and unique games is a blast!!! And the new people I meet are fun as well! 

February 24 weekend in Lake Geneva Get Away and Game

February 24 weekend in Lake Geneva will be the year's first Get Away and Game's event!!  3 days of table top and board gaming fun for individuals and families!! 
Wouldn't you like some uninterrupted time away to have fun and relax?  Bring some friends - Make some new ones. 
When you  need a break you can put board gaming away for a while and enjoy the indoor pool and hot tub.  Take a walk on the frozen spring fed lake, take a look all the unique and quaint shops, go out to eat or order in. 
There is a restaurant inside the hotel if you simply don't want to go out.  There is skiing close by as well so there is something for the whole family if you chose to ever leave the board gaming room!  But why would you want to do that anyway when there are so many table top games that bring you on awesome and fantastic adventures!! 
So register early and get an awesome price and reserve one of our discounted mini suites!!  Yes, they all come with a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, dishes and more!! 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Board Gaming Event Survey

Need your help to design the most awesome 

open board gaming weekends ever!!!!  

Register for a Great Board Gaming Weekend Event

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as your feedback to me will be invaluable. 


This was the first newer style board game I ever played.  It's easy to learn and fairly quick to play.

Board Gaming Get Away December 9 Weekend!

December 9 Board Gaming Get Away In Lake Geneva!

 Register now for this 3 day beta weekend. 
We will be asking you for your input on what you want to see in board gaming weekends!! 
Share with us and get your registration for only $30!! 
Register by clicking on our registration links! 
Please also give you your email address using the link on the right
so you can be added to our board gaming mailing list!! 

This is personally one of my favorite board games to do at the get aways.  But I love playing new boardgames that are brought and taught by others